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My photography interest started at a an early age. I have always been very fascinated by animals and nature. As a child I used to lay for hours in the grass during the summer months trying to keep as still as possible in order to get grasshoppers and butterflies to climb up in my hands.


Taking photos of these little creatures is a way for me to invite others into this amazing world around me. A world that so many people seem to pass by without noticing.

I have worked with animals my whole life and have a house full of pets, and taking photos of all types of animals is one of my greatest passions.

about photo 1


Since I could hold a pen I have always been drawing. Sitting in class in primary and secondary school, and eventually university, I used to fill my notebooks with strange looking creatures with long, complicated back-stories. I see drawing as a way of therapy and often find myself to be most creative when life is a bit tough.



Music is also something that has always been a big part of my life. Since 2007 I have been working on music semi-professionally together with my partner Tom, with our band called Tenonsaw. My drawing and photography often go hand in hand with the music. One of my drawings would sometimes inspire the writing of a new song, or I would get an idea for a drawing or a photo when listening to one of our newly written songs.

I hope you enjoy my work!

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All content on this website is my property, please do not use it without permission.




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